Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Ok so I am making a shameless plug for my Cousin Grace. This is a beautiful portait that she took of my grandmothers hands. It is really significant because she is wearing both of the wedding bands she was given. The one closest to her is the one my grandfather gave me and the other is the one that Ben ( the man she married after my grandfather died) gave to her. Grandpa Ben passed away in November. She is such an amazing woman and as I have grown older, I realize how wonderful she is. LOVE YOU GRANNY!

This is a picture of Kadens first Build a bear/ dinosaur. His name is cootie... When we were picking out Cootie's Ensamble Kaden wanted to get him a Construction hat with the planet shirt he is wearing and Ice skates... Very eclectic tastes.

Kaden out for spring break

So Kaden and I went for my spring break out to see my family. We had so much fun! I have pictures to post when I get home. We went to the reading time at the library (which is a treat for me because I dont get to take Kaden to story time at our library due to my work schedule.) We also went to the Boston Children's Museum which was so much fun. Kaden climbed up a 3 story obstacle course just like a monkey. Of course once he got to the top, he was scared and couldnt get down. An older boy who was at the top helped him find his way down which was so sweet. Kaden gave him a hug and said.."Thanks... I was really scared" He really enjoyed playing around in all the different exhibits they had.
He also had his first easter egg hunt at my family's house. It was a lot of fun!
He got his fill of shopping while we were out there too!
On the way back to the airport from my family's house, kaden got car sick and threw up all over the place. poor kid.
We had a great time but Kaden missed his dad and his dad definitely missed him!

Monday, February 18, 2008


its been a while since we updated our blog... maybe because nothing really exciting has happend. I just thought I would add some pics.... enjoy!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Kaden the builder

Merry Christmas!

Christmas is almost here! We are excited to have Santa come to our house! Christmas is so much more exciting when you have kids. Kaden sat on Santa's lap at the ward Christmas party and told him that he wanted transformer toys... He is obsessed with transformers! Thanks to his dad.
Things are going good around our house. Patrick is enjoying his job but I think that he will be happy when the holidays are over.
I love my job! Honestly the best job I have ever had.
We hope you have a wonderful holiday! We love you all!

Friday, May 18, 2007

a new experiment

Hello everyone. I am going to try this blogging thing and see if it works.